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Arabic, one of the world’s oldest and most widely spoken languages, is a perfect major for anyone passionate about the language and culture of the Middle East. A major in Arabic will take you through one of the mankind’s greatest literary traditions, as well as provide you with a thorough understanding of a remarkable language, from it’s unique alphabet to syntax.
As our world grows more connected, Arabic has established itself as one of its most important languages. With a thorough knowledge and appreciation of the culture, language, and history of the Arabic-speaking world, you will find yourself poised to enter a wide array of different professional fields, from international banking to careers in government and education.


In lieu of being able to actually study Arabic in your high school, a strong background in the humanities, especially world history, is excellent preparation for a major in Arabic. In addition, it’s never too early to begin studying the culture and history of the Arab-speaking world, including reading such important works as the Qur’an.