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Asian-American Studies


Asian-American Studies is a multi-disciplinary major requiring courses in the humanities and social sciences. By majoring in it, you’ll learn how Americans of Asian descent have affected and been affected by American culture. You’ll learn about the difficulties and discriminations Asian-Americans faced in the past and the problems they still face today. You’ll study the changing roles of Asian-American women, the implications of youth cultures, and the history of Asian-American politics. An Asian-American Studies major exposes you to Asian art, language, music, politics, psychologies, and literature. You’ll form your own ideas of what it means to be Asian-American, and how identity, gender, sexuality, and race have been defined, challenged, and consequently redefined.


Load up on courses in English and history, and if they’re available at your school, philosophy and religion. Most schools don’t offer language classes in Korean, Japanese, and Chinese, but if they do, guess what. Yup. Take them.