Dance - Top Majors



There is a certain mystique to women and men who can move their bodies in amazing and beautiful ways. Dance is as much a part of the world’s artistic history as literature, music, or the visual arts, and its beauty is just as varied and complex. If you’re a Dance major, you’ll study many forms of dance, including ballet, modern, jazz, and various ethnic forms. You will also study Dance as an art—its role in history and its influences on different cultures. Dance is a performance art, and much of your college experience will include performance. You may choose from many concentrations of study as you move toward your degree—choreography or technology, for example. Many students choose to focus their study on Dance Education. Dance majors are usually already devoted to their art, having taken dance classes from a young age. Dance programs are generally competitive, as is the case with most performance programs. Be prepared to submit a videotape of your past performances. You’ll probably also have to give a live audition to be accepted to a Dance program.


Many high schools don’t offer Dance classes, but if yours does, jump on them! Another good outlet for dance in high school is with the drama club. Musicals often require skilled dancers and choreographers and are a great way to get experience on stage. Marching band might also offer Dance opportunities. You might also look into various art and music classes to broaden your artistic horizons.