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Interior Architecture


Interior architects pick up where the other guys (the architects) left off. They are the ones who fill in all that empty space that architects design. Now don’t be fooled, this is more than just telling someone where to place a couch and what color patterns look best with their carpet. Whether it’s the new corporate headquarters of the widget factory, or Bill Gates’ new country home, interior architects help shape the way we live and work, and who knows, maybe with enough time they can help us figure a way out of the office cubicle. This major looks a lot like an architecture major, complete with courses in planning, design, and drafting. You’ll be using some of the hottest new technology out there, including computer aided design programs that can show you how to turn that bedroom of yours into the hottest spot in the neighborhood.


If you have the chance to take drafting and architecture courses, run with it and consider yourself lucky. Otherwise, build up those drawing skills, along with math, art, and psychology.