Marketing - Top Majors



Between us, Marketing is the art and the science of getting people to buy stuff. More formally, it is the study of how to determine consumer needs and translate those needs into products and services and selling them locally, nationally, and globally. Either way, Marketing is a practical, career-oriented, and solidly pre-professional major that requires analytical skills, logic and creativity. If you decide to major in Marketing, you’ll learn about the distribution of goods and services, consumer behavior, pricing policies, channels of retail and wholesale distribution, advertising, sales, research, and management. Other topics you are likely to encounter include market segmentation and targeting, effective customer service, new product development, and logistics. Upon graduation, most Marketing majors usually find jobs in consulting, market research, and advertising. If you want to work in the Marketing department, though, you should expect to start in sales where you can really get to know a company’s products and its customers. In fact, starting in sales is frequently the best (and sometimes the only) way to ultimately get one of those coveted (not to mention high-paying, low stress) jobs in the Marketing department.


A basic college preparatory background should be fine. If you think you might major in Marketing, focus on your writing and math skills (you’ll almost certainly be required to complete college algebra, statistics, and perhaps even calculus). Experience with computers and various business software programs will be helpful as well.