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Whether it’s Beethoven or Louis Armstrong, the Beatles or Bach, a major in Music is sure to satisfy that burning desire of yours to create, analyze, and study the history of music in all of its varied shapes and forms. From music composition to history, education, and theory, those with a love of music can develop their skills to prepare them for a career as the conductor of the National Symphony Orchestra or the next Duke Ellington. A Music major can cover a broad range of concentrations depending upon your areas of interest. For those fascinated by the structural composition of a piece of music, whether it’s Schubert’s “Ave Maria” or an avant-garde work understandable only to a trained ear, focusing on music theory and composition is a great way to start. You’ll also learn how to arrange and compose your own works. Music, like all of the arts, has a remarkable history. A concentration in music history means you’ll explore the historical evolution of music, from the classical to the contemporary. In the process you’ll gain a greater appreciation for the varied forms and functions of music in society.


Yes, you did guess right here. If you want to major in Music, you will have to have an exceptionally strong background in it, as proven through mastery of one or more instruments. Though it depends upon your concentration, most programs require auditions so practice, practice, practice…