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Sport and Leisure Studies


Designed to prepare you for graduate work in education or a career in the sports and recreation industry, a Sport and Leisure Studies major arms you with the skills you will need to render informed and accurate advice on almost every aspect of the sports world. Whether you’re coaching a baseball team, or advising Nike on how to develop a better basketball shoe, the skills you learn here will have real, practical applications. With a gym in almost every neighborhood in America, Sport and Leisure Studies majors can find themselves in high demand. The more health conscious our society becomes, the more we will need well trained and informed individuals to guide us through the litany of workout programs available to us.


Athletic experience is beneficial, but hardly enough. You will definitely need strong math skills, as well as a solid background in the social sciences, like history or sociology. Psychology, if your school offers classes in it, could come in handy. Volunteer as a coach for younger athletes in your spare time.