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Teacher Education


If you’ve ever had a bad teacher, I’m sure you can understand why it makes perfect sense to teach people how to teach teachers so that they can teach better. Teaching, like any profession, has its own body of knowledge, including research, methods, and theory. And contrary to popular belief, the ability to speak English doesn’t mean you’re ready to go out and teach it, much less to children. Teaching is hard work, and that work is made more efficacious by a major in Teacher Education. It is the invisible muscle behind the strength of any great teacher. As a Teacher Education major you will explore several fields, including psychology, as well as immerse yourself in different methods and styles of teaching. And at the end of the day you will learn to be a lean, mean teaching machine, ready to take on those students who may be more like you than you would care to admit.


The best preparation for a Teacher Education major and a career as a teacher is a strong background in the liberal arts, particularly in English and history, since you will need strong critical reading and writing skills at your disposal.