Voice - Top Majors



Singing your favorite parts of Carmen in the shower before school each morning doesn’t quite count as preparation for a major in Voice, but hey, it’s a start. The same thing holds true for that garage band you started, or the a capella group you’re in. Each of them sort of prepares you for the rigorous training and education you will receive in college as a Voice major.
The Voice major, as you may have already guessed, is exactly what it sounds like (no pun intended). Sometimes a concentration within a broader music major, Voice is designed to develop and enhance your skills as a singer. Voice helps you to sing longer, louder, and better than ever before. A major in Voice, especially if it’s a part of a broader music major, offers you more than just vocal training. Alongside your singing lessons will be classes in music theory, history, performance, and conducting, helping to make you an all around better musician.


Don’t expect to just walk in on your music teacher’s laurels. You will probably have to complete several rounds of intense auditioning to demonstrate your talent and skills, so make sure you have taken the time to develop those musical inclinations through lessons and practice. Take choir, and if your school produces them, act in the school musical for as many years as you can.