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Youth Ministries


You’d better have some faith if you’re interested in a Youth Ministries major because you’re going to need it when dealing with some of the most hard-headed people on the planet (the young) and trying to convince them of something about which they might be skeptical (God). Youth Ministries involves studying religion and learning how to pass it on to youth. In this uniquely-Christian major, you’ll study the Old and New Testaments while learning evangelistic strategies and the basics of preaching. You’ll learn theology, church history, and Christian philosophy.
Of course, you’ll also study adolescents—their psychology, problems, beliefs, and needs. You’ll learn the best way to convey the teachings of a doctrine to teenagers, and you’ll investigate how adolescent issues are portrayed and dealt with in the Bible. You’ll learn how adolescents develop, and how to deal with problems such as teen pregnancy, suicide, and substance abuse.
Finally, you’ll also learn the practicalities of being a youth minister—how to structure meetings, how to utilize small groups, the benefits of conducting wilderness retreats, and how to work with volunteers.


Since Youth Ministries will involve using a variety of skills and life experiences, your best preparation will be a broad foundation of college preparatory coursework, including math and science. A foreign language is always a good idea. If your church or high school offers any service clubs or youth groups, getting involved might give you some great experiences.