Q: When is the best time for a person to join the Honor Society?

The Honor Society moves with students from High School, through College, and into their Post-Grad life by focusing on community, education and growth. Members are able to utilize what we offer in each stage of life.

Q: What is the culture within the Honor Society Foundation?

The Honor Society Foundation is a unique, tight knit family from various backgrounds, with team members straight out of college to seasoned professionals. The Honor Society Foundation team wears different hats in order to cohesively create an environment for members to grow and flourish in all stages of life.

Q: Why are Honor Society’s Core Values integral to the Foundation’s Mission?

By defining the core values for members and the national committee, we lay the foundation for Honor Society Chapter leaders and give members the knowledge to make decisions involving chapter business, or their own involvement with Honor Society, keeping these values in mind.

Q: What sets the Honor Society Foundation apart from others?

The Honor Society Foundation sets itself apart from other honor societies, as it has the traditional value system of older honor societies, while also utilizing the internet to embrace the new-age, technology focused values of today. The alumni network is more extensive than any other honor society that exists currently, with endless networking opportunities.

Q: Is National Honor Society the same organization as Honor Society Foundation?

Honor Society, HonorSociety.org, and the Honor Society Foundation are not affiliated with the National Honor Society or any related organizations.

The Honor Society Foundation helps ambitious students and professionals achieve even more by making education more accessible through scholarships!