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The Honor Society Foundation

The Honor Society Foundation is dedicated to providing scholarships for members, educational programming, and preservation of honor society history. Scholarships: Honor Society Foundation will fund and administer higher-education scholarships and educational programming for high achievers in many different academic and leadership areas. It will help students reach higher educational goals by offering scholarships to make the college and university experience accessible to students who otherwise might not have the opportunity to pursue a college education.

The Honor Society Foundation helps ambitious students and professionals achieve even more by making education more accessible through scholarships!

How it works?

Non-Profit Organization: Honor Society Inc. has an existing scholarship program which donates tens of thousands of dollars to students annually. Honor Society Inc. will be donating $50,000 – $100,000 to kick-start the Honor Society Foundation scholarship fund.

The Honor Society Foundation encourages students and professionals to take on leadership positions, foster communities and build a team-like environment with other goal- oriented individuals. The Honor Society works as a catalyst for these interactions, but predominantly, members are encouraged to take initiative and make their experience unique to them. We also want to help groom students for the world outside of college.