Saes Kim, Graduate Achiever Scholarship Recipient, Ohio State University

 I am so thrilled and excited to accept the graduate student achievement scholarship this time from Honor Society. I grew up in Korea and came to the States for studying purposes last year, 2018. With the educational background both in social welfare and education, I developed further interests in micro-perspective of inner dynamics and developmental […]

Mariah Schindler, Core Values Scholarship Recipient, Wichita State University

My name is Mariah Schindler and I am the recipient of the Core Values Scholarship of 2019. I am  majoring in Social Work and minoring in Sociology at Wichita State University. I have just completed my first year of college and I really enjoyed the experience! Wichita State University has a welcoming environment that makes […]

Valea Metzger, Society Involvement Scholarship Recipient, Texas State University

My name is Valea Metzger, and I am a junior at the Texas State University in San Marcos. I am majoring in Political Science and minoring in Public Administration. I was born and raised in Germany and transferred to the Texas State University in Fall 2018 from the Heinrich-Heine University in Düsseldorf to better myself. […]

Sofia Robles, Community Service Scholarship Recipient

I recently graduated from Burlingame High School, where I was involved in various clubs: dance, the Alzheimer’s Research Club, and the Leo’s club. Alzheimer’s club revolved around research and raising awareness, while dance was an experience to be social and connect with other students as I first entered high school. Then there is the Leo’s […]

Preston Bowden, Core Values Scholarship Recipient, University of Virginia

The challenges that I have endured has led me to accumulate the goals I strive towards, and has catalyzed perseverance as a personal trait. I was born into an economically burdened circumstance. A 17 year old teen mother still in highschool. My parents were never married, which left me to be raised by my teenage […]

Oshiomah Oyageshio, Graduate Achiever Scholarship Recipient, UCLA

My Name is Oshiomah Oyageshio and I am a first year Master’s student at UCLA in the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology program. I am in the Evolutionary medicine track which entails applying evolutionary biology principles to human health and disease. I am interested in the genetics of African and African American populations particularly, the link […]

Michael Dewing, Community Service Scholarship Recipient, Broward College

To all my “Middleclass” Americans: “Age Well and Stay Young; for their sake as much as yours!” Early Retirement; The “New Standard” My  story  in  education  began  as  President  Obama  was  gearing  up  for  a  second  term  in  2012.    The economy  wasn’t  quite  ripe  with  employment  opportunity  for  an  almost  50-year-old  “worker  bee”  with  […]