Mariah Schindler, Core Values Scholarship Recipient, Wichita State University

My name is Mariah Schindler and I am the recipient of the Core Values Scholarship of 2019. I am  majoring in Social Work and minoring in Sociology at Wichita State University. I have just completed my first year of college and I really enjoyed the experience! Wichita State University has a welcoming environment that makes […]

Valea Metzger, Society Involvement Scholarship Recipient, Texas State University

My name is Valea Metzger, and I am a junior at the Texas State University in San Marcos. I am majoring in Political Science and minoring in Public Administration. I was born and raised in Germany and transferred to the Texas State University in Fall 2018 from the Heinrich-Heine University in Düsseldorf to better myself. […]

Sofia Robles, Community Service Scholarship Recipient

I recently graduated from Burlingame High School, where I was involved in various clubs: dance, the Alzheimer’s Research Club, and the Leo’s club. Alzheimer’s club revolved around research and raising awareness, while dance was an experience to be social and connect with other students as I first entered high school. Then there is the Leo’s […]

Preston Bowden, Core Values Scholarship Recipient, University of Virginia

The challenges that I have endured has led me to accumulate the goals I strive towards, and has catalyzed perseverance as a personal trait. I was born into an economically burdened circumstance. A 17 year old teen mother still in highschool. My parents were never married, which left me to be raised by my teenage […]

Oshiomah Oyageshio, Graduate Achiever Scholarship Recipient, UCLA

My Name is Oshiomah Oyageshio and I am a first year Master’s student at UCLA in the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology program. I am in the Evolutionary medicine track which entails applying evolutionary biology principles to human health and disease. I am interested in the genetics of African and African American populations particularly, the link […]

Michael Dewing, Community Service Scholarship Recipient, Broward College

To all my “Middleclass” Americans: “Age Well and Stay Young; for their sake as much as yours!” Early Retirement; The “New Standard” My  story  in  education  began  as  President  Obama  was  gearing  up  for  a  second  term  in  2012.    The economy  wasn’t  quite  ripe  with  employment  opportunity  for  an  almost  50-year-old  “worker  bee”  with  […]

Kate Petty, Study Abroad Scholarship Recipient, University of Denver, Colorado

Kate Petty, our Study Abroad Scholarship recipient, is a second year student at the University of Denver, Colorado, studying Biology with an emphasis on ecology and conservation biology. Kate will be studying abroad this coming fall in Bocas del Toros, Panama, learning about tropical island biodiversity, including the relations that the coastal environment has with […]