Entrepreneurship - Top Majors



You used to tell your family that one day you wanted to own your own business. Well, guess what. You’ve grown up, and now it’s time to put your money where your mouth is.
If you love the idea of starting a company of your own, there is probably no better place to begin than here. Entrepreneurship is a major dedicated to helping you become the next celebrity CEO. Starting, running, and managing a company, whether it’s three employees or a thousand, is a lot of hard work and requires someone with some serious business skills. As an Entrepreneurship major you’ll learn many of those business skills, including accounting, economics, and management. Your course of study will take you straight into the heart of the business world, preparing you for days of power lunches and power ties and million-dollar bonuses.


Plan on building those analytical skills, particularly through math courses, including algebra, calculus, and statistics. In addition, you’ll need strong reading and writing skills, so don’t slack off in your English and history classes.