Building a Community

Motivational Influencers

By building relationships with influencers of the community at large, whether they are a politician, professional athlete, or internet mogul, members are able to network with major names to promote the highest level of good in their local areas.

We believe in the importance of experts and role models explaining the essential steps of maximizing potential to members. Greatness begets greatness, and by linking the leaders of today up with the leaders of tomorrow, we can create a cycle of success.

Member Trips

Our Member Trips are an excellent way for other members and like-minded individuals to connect, network, explore and learn together, all while fostering a tight knit community with the common commitment to excellence.

By traveling together and learning new facts, our members are building a rapport for future relationships, whether they become long lasting friendships or networking opportunities later in life. Each member has the opportunity to carve out an incredible experience for themselves, and we recommend making our trips part of that experience.


Team Spirit, Strength, and Honor

Member Nights are an amazing way for our Honor Society members in their local area to meet up, network, learn and grow together in an environment that expands their personal and professional, as well as academic, growth. If you happen to have a local chapter established already–even better!

The Honor Society Foundation takes pride in creating the most exciting, immersive and educational events for our members! Whether we’re on a Member Trip and taking tour or cheering on our favorite teams at professional sporting events, our goal is always to create valuable relationships and memories that last a lifetime while holding ourselves to the highest standard.

Do you plan on attending one of our upcoming Member Nights? Our group will be wearing Navy Blue Honor Society T-shirts and Caps, and we will likely have a poster on one of the tables at our determined meet-up location. Feel free to come chat with us and learn more about the Society, as well as the Foundation!

Making Memories for Life

Members are encouraged to join our team on trips to exciting, educational cities, where we are able to collectively tour historic sites, take in the culture of the area, network with professionals and build a community among the Honor Society trip attendees. We’ve traveled to Los Angeles, Washington D.C., and more! Through Honor Society, members are able to make memories that last a lifetime.

Outside of member trips and member events, students have the opportunity to create “on-campus” chapters that foster a sense of local camaraderie. These chapters make it possible for members to coordinate community service events, educational speaking events, and team oriented events together while building up a presence on their campus. Many founders are even awarded scholarships for their incredible leadership. The Honor Society Foundation is the driving force behind these chapters and continuously works towards growing a larger, greater network for members.

One of the Honor Society Foundations’s main goals is to not only create a network, but to connect students and young professionals to others who are equally as excellent. Our vast alumni network allows for communication between members, mentors, companies, career advisors and more. By building on-campus chapters, providing the leaders of tomorrow with the scholarships needed to fulfill their programs, and providing unforgettable experiences for our members, their friends, and their families, we hope to maximize our members’ success in their education, early careers, and beyond.