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Denisse Hernandez, Undergraduate Achiever Scholarship Recipient, Cal State Long Beach

My name is Denisse Hernandez, and I am about to transfer to Cal State Long Beach for Fall 2019 with a Studio Arts AA-T Degree. I have always considered myself an artist and a visual storyteller. I work in multiple media, primary making drawings, paintings, digital illustrations, and web comics, but my ultimate passion is […]

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Cassidy Kennedy, Undergraduate Achiever Scholarship Recipient, Eastern Washington University

My name is Cassidy Kennedy and I am just finishing my freshman year at Eastern Washington University this spring. My college experience has been pretty smooth sailing so far. I’m a member of the EWU Fastpitch team and plan to be for four years here. I’m planning to declare as a Business and Marketing Secondary […]

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Kylie Munson, Undergraduate Achiever Scholarship, Los Angeles Mission College

Sneakers squeaking on the gymnasium floor, my teammates trudged to their water bottles. As sweat dripped down the back of my neck, I heard a loud whisper. “How old is she anyway?” Someone else hissed, “Ten!” I felt the back of my ears start to get red as I realized they were talking about me. […]


Lillie Rooney, Honor Society Undergraduate Achiever Scholarship, University of Florida

My name is Lillie Rooney and I am currently a Senior enrolled at the University of Florida. I major in Entomology and Nematology (insect and nematode science) and am currently the Secretary Elect of the Undergraduate Entomology Club. I completed my associate degree at St. Petersburg College in my hometown of St. Petersburg, Florida, after […]