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Alexandra Zaragoza, Emerging Leaders Scholarship Recipient, University of Miami

My name is Alexandra Zaragoza. I’m a Puerto Rican undergraduate student at University of Miami majoring in Industrial Engineering with a Pre-Med concentration. With the combination of my major and my concentration, I plan to become a doctor with engineering knowledge, which will allow me to offer an effective and productive administrative service to all […]

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Victoria Damon, Society Involvement Scholarship Recipient, University of Florida

My name is Victoria Damon and I attend the University of Florida in Gainesville. I am an English major and hope to obtain a PhD in English someday. I am an active member of a Christian college group called Alive, which serves the community by volunteering at the local homeless shelter and a home for […]

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Toby Andrews, Member Spotlight Scholarship Recipient, UT Austin

I decided on pursuing a career in physical education having spent several years in ESL education and realizing that whilst I loved teaching, language was not my preferred area. I missed being active and constantly working inside, so moving into physical education seemed a natural fit. My hobbies have always revolved around sport, and my […]

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Robin Wall, Graduate Achiever Scholarship Recipient, Oklahoma Baptist University

My name is Robin Wall. Thank you for the generous scholarship through the Honor Society Foundation. I am pursuing a Master of Music Education with an emphasis in Kodály, which is a way of developing musical skills and teaching musical concepts, beginning in very young children. My undergraduate college experience at Oklahoma Baptist University opened […]

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James Wheeler, Study Abroad Scholarship Recipient, James Madison University

My name is James Wheeler, a rising junior at James Madison University, located in Harrisonburg, VA. I am currently double majoring in Finance and Economics and have a minor in Interdisciplinary Studies through the Honors College at JMU. Outside of the classroom, I spend much of my time playing soccer with my teammates on the […]

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Haley Andringa, Society Involvement Scholarship Recipient, University of Wisconsin

Hello Everyone! My name is Haley Andringa and I am honored to be receiving the Society Involvement Scholarship for my participation in a variety of different volunteer programs. I have done everything from volunteer Drumline performances to running a section of Lapham Peak Fright Hike Fundraiser as their director of makeup artistry to taking on […]