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James Wheeler, Study Abroad Scholarship Recipient, James Madison University

My name is James Wheeler, a rising junior at James Madison University, located in Harrisonburg, VA. I am currently double majoring in Finance and Economics and have a minor in Interdisciplinary Studies through the Honors College at JMU. Outside of the classroom, I spend much of my time playing soccer with my teammates on the […]

People Doing a Group Study

Kate Petty, Study Abroad Scholarship Recipient, University of Denver, Colorado

Kate Petty, our Study Abroad Scholarship recipient, is a second year student at the University of Denver, Colorado, studying Biology with an emphasis on ecology and conservation biology. Kate will be studying abroad this coming fall in Bocas del Toros, Panama, learning about tropical island biodiversity, including the relations that the coastal environment has with […]

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Chiquita Jackson, Study Abroad Scholarship Recipient, University of Kansas

My name is Chiquita Jackson and I am a First-Generation college student studying Political Science, African American Studies, and Social Justice on a pre-law track. I was the first person in my family to graduate high school and attend college which was a major milestone for my family.  As a result, I am self-supporting and […]