Alicia Maners, Community Service Scholarship Recipient, University of Chicago

My name is Alicia Maners, and I grew up in Jackson, TN. In 2015, I started college at Harding University in Arkansas where I majored in English education. I have always possessed an affinity for cultural studies and teaching English as a second language, but I never considered integrating these two passions until the summer […]

Mary Kisor, Community Service Scholarship Recipient, Missouri State University

My name is Mary Kisor. I am starting my senior year this fall at Missouri State University. I have a loving, supporting husband and three beautiful girls. My girls are Amanda, 25, a student at Iowa University, Rachyl, 10, an upcoming soccer star, and Emily, 8, a fantastic cheerleader and softball player.  I have had […]

Sofia Robles, Community Service Scholarship Recipient

I recently graduated from Burlingame High School, where I was involved in various clubs: dance, the Alzheimer’s Research Club, and the Leo’s club. Alzheimer’s club revolved around research and raising awareness, while dance was an experience to be social and connect with other students as I first entered high school. Then there is the Leo’s […]

Michael Dewing, Community Service Scholarship Recipient, Broward College

To all my “Middleclass” Americans: “Age Well and Stay Young; for their sake as much as yours!” Early Retirement; The “New Standard” My  story  in  education  began  as  President  Obama  was  gearing  up  for  a  second  term  in  2012.    The economy  wasn’t  quite  ripe  with  employment  opportunity  for  an  almost  50-year-old  “worker  bee”  with  […]

Avianna Johnson, Community Service Scholarship Recipient, University of Memphis

Avianna exemplifies the true Honor Society spirit by getting herself into multiple, valuable on-campus societies as quickly as possible and growing from there. Congratulations to Avianna! “Growing up in a single parent and army veteran home, I learned the value of hard work and dedication. I was raised and single-handedly supported by a strong, well-educated […]